Best Amp For Epiphone Casino

First time amp buying

I’m going to be buying my first electric guitar soon (something like an Epiphone casino) but I don’t know the first thing about different amps.
What would be the best to target for max around $250? Looking to play rock and blues primarily.
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[NEWBIE] i want to buy my first electric guitar and I can't decide which one to get.

I'm buying my first electric guitar, and I can't make up my mind which one to get. I like Fender guitars. My options are the Fender Player Series Stratocaster, Fender Offset Series Mustang and Duo-Sonic HS. I also like the look and comfort of hollow and semi-hollow guitars. The Gretsch G2622T Streamliner is also one of my options. I love the Epiphone Casino but Epiphone isn't sold in my country and it's too expensive to import it. So what are your thoughts of these guitars? Have you had any experience with them? They all have good reviews. Are there any problems with them? I'm leaning most on the Player Stratocaster because it has all the features of a normal Stratocaster. The Offset Mustang does't have a tremolo like most Mustang's for example, but I just love the olive colour. I am set on a amp. I will be getting a Fender Mustang GT 100. I know that it isn't the best but i like how it has a large selection of amp models and effects built in to it. So what are your thoughts on these guitars that I mentioned. I can't come to a decision.
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[Question] how much should I spend on first electric guitar?

A little disclaimer I know next to nothing about electric guitar so I will try to explain what I want to the best of my ability. I want to play songs like comfortably numb and I want you (she's so heavy). I know there is multiple guitars used in these songs (les paul and casino in "I want you"). I was thinking of a lower budget les paul guitar as I dont have a lot of money to spend, but want a solid beginner guitar. How much am I expecting to spend on a guitar, amp, and other hardware? What guitar would be the most multipurpose for my money?
Been looking at epiphone les paul guitar since they're cheaper than the casinos. Just want some advice from people who actually know information on this subject.
All help is appreciated!
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WTS/WTT: ($270 Shipped) Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster Loaded Body

Looking to trade or sell this. It's a loaded body from the J Mascis Squier, with two sweet P90 type pickups. It's near mint, with just minor scuffs here and there. Included with it are the Squier neck plate, Trem bar, and an unused Fender strap. Just add 4 neck screws, and a Jazz or Strat neck with a rounded heel. $270 Shipped. I can add a basic hardcase $60 (also accounting for the increased shipping cost).
Selling would probably be the best route but I'm open to a few things:
-Marshall Class 5 Amp, head preferred but I'm open to the combo too
-Peavey 6505 MH Mini
-Epiphone Valve Junior Head or Vox AC4 Head
-Gibsons: I would really love a Double Cut LP, but I'm open to the basic models for Les Paul's and SG's. I've never had a Gibson so I wanna give it a go.
-Epiphone Casino Coupes
Obviously the values of these trades vary a bit. I'm open to receiving or adding cash where needed. I would like to keep the sale to reverb, and for trades to either use Reverb or PayPal for safety reasons. I have a couple dozen trades on letstradepedals and only one Reverb feedback under 5-stars (dude didn't like how his pedal sounded lol).
I'm located in Columbia, Mo. I prefers to deal within the Midwest, but I'll ship anywhere in the lower 48.
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[OC] Review: Epiphone Riviera Custom P93

Wine red looks with golden Hardware and a "Licensed" Bigsby, I will review my experience with what has been my most expensive guitar so far!
The Epiphone Riviera Custom P93:
->Right out the box
I bought mine from Amazon, (I know.) Amazon and musical instruments especially handled by FedEx is best described by Ace Ventura.
Had to get it to my luthier, fret buzz and truss rod adjustment but it's winter here in Canada so I won't be too shabby about it.
->Looks and design
Anytime I pull out my 12" of Fretboard Radius and Big fat Red Wine hollow body with what can be described as Gold Plated Ornament, the only reaction you can expect is an honest wow. And yeah, that Bigsby is there to compliment the guitar but it's what makes the Riviera a jewel amongst others!
Maple body with the usual Mohagony neck. Tune-o-Matic bridge, always a preference! For me at least.
After a week of owning it, it's my only child now, it used to be my Fender but when I look at it now it looks too simple, Epiphone turned me in a man of tastes and will now make me spend more money on a better guitar only if it looks good.
The fretboard is smooth as a babies butt, maybe the Frets are too high but it's to be considered later on if you're not comfortable with high frets, easy shave.
This hollow body isn't Arched so the sound isn't specific, I can play jazz, blues, country but I don't think about Heavy metal and Rock too much, my amp can remedy to that concern but I stick to what the guitar looks like.
Weight is to be considered because at 8.8 lbs, that thing is heavy, stand and it will hurt. Sit but find that perfect weight dispersion and you're good to go.
There are 3 P90s pickups and I enjoy playing with them and finding what suits me best every day and its smooth turns, you can turn off the middle pick up thought you can always put a switch instead of a nob! 4 nobs, one of which is the master.
Pickups are really in the way some times, you will scratch them a little or if you're fingerstyle jazz, you will hit them time to times!
I'm having honest fun with it, it's my only guitar at the moment, the other will take the time to learn how to sound good and I'll maybe reconsider them.
If I could I'd price up my choice but for what it can offer It's in my top 3 guitars that I've played in my life, honest recommendation and hours of fun with all the features it offers!
And anytime I play and close my eyes, I'm in a casino and I play a funky jazz line while Bobby and Jack fight over Jessica.
Thanks for reading! Have a nice one!
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Attention: Guitar players

I'm not very knowledgeable about guitars, so I need some advice. I also think (and I will respect if the mods don't agree) that the best people to ask will be Radiohead fans.
Last year I got myself an Epiphone Casino and I love it; I play mostly to back up my vocals but I'm alright at what I do. The guitar tone I'm looking for is unabashedly Thom's tone, particularly his guitar work on Stuck Together Pieces, Reckoner, Before Your Very Eyes..., and his part (not Jonny's) in Present Tense.
Now a guitar is all well and good but I need an amp. What sort of amp do I want? The demos on youtube are all demonstrating what they can do with ugly, brash "music store licks" and I'm not that sort of player, I'm looking for a more mellow tone. Do I need a pedal for extra (but subtle) crunch?
Thanks to my tax return I'm considering a Fender Vibrolux Reverb, but is that a wise decision? The music stores in town where I might be able to test amps are intimidating (more intimidating, in fact, than playing live, because damn it, they KNOW I'm a poser).
Bonus question: how the hell even do I describe the style/tone in the songs above (particularly Stuck Together Pieces)? I tried to describe it when I was buying the guitar (to see if they had any suggestions) and the people at the store had no clue what I was talking about.
That may be the case here, too. But thank you for reading, and I will appreciate very much any help you can give on the matter! <3
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[NEWBIE] My first amp?

I just got my first electric guitar last Tuesday - the guitar of my dreams, the Epiphone Casino but due to budget I don't have an amp yet. I'm looking at two amps to get started so far:
Which one would be best to put my next paycheck into? What are the differences between a Marshall and a Vox? Can I bring my guitar to the shop and ask to have I plugged in?
I chose the two because of budget and because I hope to get the sound of my idols: The Beatles, Oasis, Hozier, Gary Clark Jr. to name a few.
If anyone has other brands I could look into for the same price point please recommend!
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[GEAR] Question about Cabinets/Amplifiers.

Hey guys! I'm 21, started playing guitar about 6 months ago, and I'm using my brother's old starter amp, an old Line 6 15W 1X8. What should I upgrade to?!
I typically play music of the likes of The Beatles, Ween, KISS, The White Stripes, The Sheepdogs, Kings of Leon.
Epiphone Casino in Natural. Friggin' sweet, I love it!
Line 6 POD HD500X Multi-Effects Processor and Pedal. It was a really really good deal so I figured why not?!
I was thinking about getting a Line 6 IV 320W 4X12 since the POD probably works best with a Line 6 but, I hear a lot of people diss them despite them having great reviews.
Does /guitar have any suggestions for a cabinet or combo amp I should get!? Budget is $600.
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UGH, It's this thread again.. I need Help choosing a guitar, in rewards for your advice I will recommend outstanding music..

I am involved in a number of different bands: one being a jazz band, one a post-punk ambient band (Pretentious much?) one blues band, and one psychedelic alternative band.
My influences are John Lee Hooker, Joe Pass, Thurston Moore, Jeff Beck, Josh Third, Johny Greenwood, Frank Zappa, Wes, and many many more.
Which guitar would suit me best? I am interested in the Epiphone Joe pass Emperor II, Standard american Tele, and strat, Gretsch G122, Epiphone Casino, and a Gibson faded SG.
Please help me out Redditors.
[HARD MODE: Which amp would suit me best? I'm looking at the $200-400 dollar range. Thinking about a Fender 212R Deluxe or maybe a really cheap Half stack. I'm up for all suggestions
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[Gear] My Ever-Growing Family.

I recently got new items so I figured I'd show off my family.
Group Shot
Epiphone Sheraton II-This is my main(and newest) axe. I have wanted it for years and finally had enough to get her. I was heavily inspired to get the Natural body by John Lennon's Casino. I spent some time debating whether to get a new or used one. After reading the pro's and con's of new vs. old and Chinese vs. Korean, I decided to get a new one(Chinese). She is my first Semi-Hollow guitar and I'm completely in love. I love the tone she gives out, I love the nice fat neck, I love the beautiful headstock inlay.
The only thing I found not-so-great is the neck pickup. I heard that Epiphone's weakest components are their pickups, so I wasn't surprised. I want to eventually get Gibson '57s installed. But for now, I am satisfied with the purchase 100%.
Squier Strat-This was given to me by my ex back when I first started playing. I am pretty sure it came out of one of the 'Affinity' bundles. It isn't the best, but it was enough to practice and teach myself how to play.
Maestro by Gibson Acoustic-This was more of an impulse buy because I wanted an acoustic. It was from one of those cheap bundles you'd get from F.Y.E. for ~$100. Just like the Strat, it's not the best by any means, but it works as an acoustic until I can get a nice one.
Uke-A cheap ukelele to fool around with, also from a bundle.
Peavey Vypyr 15w Amp-This was a gift from my uncle. It's a great little amp with loads of different effects and combinations to mess with. It has 3 banks with 4 slots each for different effects and tones. I have a use for each of them. It has a separate pedal system it can use which can use these saved tones. I'd like to get it eventually.
Boss BD-2 & Boss RC-2-These are my first pedals. I got them from eBay for half their usual price and still in perfect working condition. I got the Looper pedal mostly to teach myself how to improv over backing tracks and chord progressions. The BD-2 Blues pedal is an excellent little guy that can go from just-gritty to full distortion with the turn of a dial. It sounds excellent for playing blues(duh).
Accessories-Bundle o' picks, Fast Fret, Super Slinky Replacement Strings, Tascam Solar Powered Tuner, Apogee Jam iPad/iPhone/iPod/Mac/PC USB recording interface.
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New Epiphone Amp. new epiphone amp $109.99Trust The Largest Music Gear Store. Order Epiphone Amp Online Now!Shop Music Instruments & Pro Audio At Sweetwater! Unmatched Service & Support.All Your Music Needs In One Place. Get Epiphone Amp Online Today!Get the guaranteed best prices on Amplifiers at Musicians Friend. Most Amplifiers are eligible for free shipping.New Epiphone Amp best online ... Best Amp For Epiphone Casino. Source(s): 0 0. Madeleine. Lv 4. 5 years ago. For the best answers, search on this site if you are playing with a band in clubs or the like you will need an amp with a 12" speaker and at least 50 watts. There are many amps that fit this description so head on down to your local music stores and try out as many ... Should I buy a new guitar or a new amp? - best amp with epiphone casino I Should an Epiphone Casino, or as an amplifier of about $ 500? It's one or the other, until I buy enough money to both. I'm kind of the beginning and end of my Epiphone Casino as follows. I do not know what kind of amp to get, though. For now I have a Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster and a Fender Frontman 15G amp I ... Best Amp For An Epiphone Casino of the royal cities of the Middle and High Atlas to the foothills of the desert. What a place of peace is the campsite and good enough to eat the oranges and tangerines see here in the immediate neighborhood. We have company by the two nice Bremer, Ulrike and Adri. You already a couple of weeks in Morocco on the road and so there is a lively exchange. enjoy a ... #10 Epiphone Casino Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Cherry Red. From Keith Richards to John Lennon, the Epiphone Casino has been used on really famous records by some of the world’s most noteworthy musicians. Since its introduction in 1961, Epiphone Casino has been the brand’s crown jewel and has continued to feature as one of the best selling archtop electric guitars on the market. The 5 Ply ... Hi All Ive recently traded in my Epiphone Dot for a lovely Epiphone Casino (449 RRP) in Cherry Red. I always liked the sound I got from the Dot, but the playability and the build quality wasnt the best so decided to upgrade. Considered a Sheraton, but was too heavy and bulky compared to the Casin... I'm aleady talking to the guy about an AC-10 or 15. There's a reason so many of the boutique amp builders use them as preamp tubes, you can't get that sound with a 12A*7 or even a 6EU7. Most circuits that use the EF86 also use EL84 or 6BQ5 power tubes, which I prefer. My Casino loves this amp, like my Strat loves my tweed Champ/DeLuxe. Amplifier for Epiphone Casino Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Amplifier for Epiphone Casino. By ... I need a new amp for my Casino. I play rhythm with a 4 piece rock band & gig occasionally (small venues). My budget is about £250. I have a Marshall SG30 but it died last night. Any Suggestions? dON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THE sg30, what is it? Probably fixable! I have tried the Roland Cube ... Best Amp With Epiphone Casino Saluti da Ferrara . I wanted to post photos of our first meeting of the group, but we postpone pultroppo! For various reasons of work, family and distances, our project meeting is blurred, sin! But I understand perfectly, because I have tried to organize the event in my hometown where I was more congenial to have contacts with hotels and restaurants and of course ... Best Amp For Epiphone Casino The album lost . then fully reproduced an article by Josep play appears in "La Vanguardia" on 17 of last April. I find it so interesting that would be a bad idea not to present it in its entirety. The article talks about the alleged existence of a book published in 1931 the painter in which he showed his best surrealist works. "La Vanguardia" discovers the book is ...

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Thin line full hollow body, Gibson P-90 single coil pickups. Fender Acoustasonic Ultralight amp. The casino Elitist is made by Terada Gakki in Japan. It is the most expensive Epiphone guitar ... The Ulimate Epi is an Army of One as it takes on Six iconic sounds from various American-made guitars!If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like and subscrib... LANEY CUB12R Amp - Duration: 3:04. ... Best Brother Wedding Speech Kills Crowd (hilarious ending!) - Duration: 13:20. Alan Goodhoofd Recommended for you. 13:20. The D-C-G Trick : What Famous Bands ... I had 3 Melbourne guitarists drop by and play my 1966 Epiphone Casino with a Vox AC15HW - using only the guitar, amp and a Fender reverb pedal for tone. Many thanks to the guitarists in order of ... Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Aug 24, 2012. Here is a taste of what the ... Everyones talking about Epiphone this year! We take a look at their offerings for Namm 2020. Pre-order the Epiphone 2020 collection today - Thanks for watching. After checking out my sons Epi Les Paul, I was very pleasantly surprised. I then saw the Epi ES 335 on sale at GC and thought I've got... In this video I cover more than 10 years of experience playing Epiphone Les Pauls. I will go in detail over different guitars coming from different factories...